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Underway: The 2012

Purple Bus "Truth" Tour



As politicians spin the facts, the American people have the right to hear the truth about health care in our country. is dedicating its 2012 Purple Bus Tour to speaking the truth to Americans about the Affordable Care Act, proposed revisions to Medicare, the Medicaid expansion, state exchanges and more.  We're on the road now touring eleven northeastern states  more

Quote of the Week:  “Opponents of health reform spin the facts to claim the ACA “cuts $716 billion from Medicare” while failing to mention that the law does what many of the politicians say they want: Preserve the existing program while finding savings from insurers and providers, extending the solvency of Medicare, and giving new benefits to seniors. So when you hear that the new law ‘cuts,’ ‘robs,’ or otherwise harms Medicare, remember that the truth is the law expands the program’s benefits, doesn’t force seniors to pay more, and actually saves taxpayers over $100 billion.”  Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports

Our Press Room - Check out our coverage at the Supreme Court and during the Purple Bus Tour across America.  More

Purple Bus Tours Nation's Healthcare Safety Net - (Atlanta GA) During this year's 2012 Purple Bus "Truth" Tour, we'll continue our exploration of the safety net dedicated to serving the 50 million uninsured Americans.   More

Republicans' MIssion: Reshape Medicare & Medicaid - Republicans' vision for our nation’s health care would repeal the Affordable Care Act and drastically curtail Medicare, Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program that currently provide benefits to more than one-third of all Americans, most of them seniors, poor adults and children, and persons with disabilities.  more


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